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Supporting Your Child’s Learning

Ideas to support your child’s learning

The home is the single most significant environmental factor in enabling children to develop the trust, attitude and skills that will help them learn and engage positively with the world. Strong links between home and nursery have a key role to play in helping your child’s development.

Please use these This is what I have been doing at home and Wow Voucher forms to integrate your child’s learning:

Staff will stick them into your child’s Learning Journal. We aim to cater for each child’s individual needs and these links enable us to do this. It is also useful for staff to be able to discuss things happening at home with your child.

We also have regular sessions where you can join us to have your ‘tea’ or ‘breakfast’ at nursery to spend time with your child, talking to your key person and looking at your child’s learning journal. Look out for the dates in the newsletters.