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Parents’ Area


Below is a selection of our policies. If there’s a specific policy you’d like to see and it’s not listed here, just let us know and we’ll be happy to show you!


The results of an anonymous survey revealed these comments:

‘The nursery has dedicated and knowledgeable staff that actively promote positive development in both my children.’

‘I feel the physical environment of Acorns is excellent and activities are varied. The staff are excellent and really look out for the welfare of the children.’

‘My daughter comes home tired but happy. What more needs to be said!!’

‘I honestly can’t think of anything to improve – I’d just say carry on with what you are currently doing.’

‘I think my child has developed a better sleeping pattern and eats more exciting foods than I would make every day.’

‘My children are very confident and sociable as a result of the time spent with you. They have learnt to respect others, they are warm and caring.’

Why do my clothes get so dirty at nursery?

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